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2023 Research Discoveries

Cincinnati Children’s was recently named one of “America’s Most Innovative Companies” by Fortune magazine. No other pediatric hospital ranks higher on this list.

Our Innovation Ventures team serves as a vital resource that helps investigators navigate the complex journey of moving ideas and innovations to the commercial market so that they can improve patient care and public health.

Highlights from our commercialization work in FY23 include: 

Stem Cell Rejuvenation Technology Licensed to Startup, Mogling Bio

Nearly two decades of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) research and discovery culminated in an important milestone this year.

Yi Zheng, PhD Inhibition of CDC42 Extends Lifespan

Mogling Bio, Inc., a privately owned, preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company, entered into a global exclusive agreement with Cincinnati Children’s for continued development of CDC42 inhibitors to rejuvenate aged HSCs.

By enhancing the body’s access to revitalized stem cells, this innovation has the potential to revolutionize immune system recovery after cancer therapies, enhance the efficacy of therapeutic agents, increase transplantation success rates, and offer comprehensive therapy for individuals with compromised blood systems.

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Calming Gaming App Startup Launched to Make Anesthesia Induction Easier for Children

A Cincinnati Children’s nurse practitioner invented a tablet-based, breathing-controlled video game to help young kids relax when it’s time to put on an
anesthesia mask and fall asleep for surgery.

Cincinnati Children’s is the first health system in the United States to pilot the product, called EZ Induction. In April, a Columbus, Ohio startup firm, LittleSeed Calming Technologies, LLC, licensed the right to market the application to other hospitals.

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Innovative CPR Game Licensed to Make Certification Accessible

Cincinnati Children’s innovators celebrated the launch of a new board game that helps people with learning challenges or disabilities to master CPR.

Erin Riehle, RN, MSN This toolkit, called “CPR and AED Basics,” prepares those with special learning needs to learn this lifesaving skill and pass CPR courses

This toolkit, called “CPR and AED Basics,” prepares those with special learning needs to learn this lifesaving skill and pass CPR courses. Earning this certification can make people with learning challenges to secure employment.

This spring, Attainment Company secured the rights to bring the game to the marketplace and provide this kit to classrooms around the country.

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Innovation Excellence Awards Honorees

The Innovation Excellence Awards, launched in 2022, recognize Cincinnati Children’s innovators whose licenses have generated a financial reward to our institution while improving patient care. This year, awardees include:

  • Kat Castleberry, clinical research manager and Richard Lang, PhD, professor, Emma and Irving Goldman Scholar, Pediatric Ophthalmology; and James Greenberg, MD, professor and director of the Perinatal Institute.
  • Artem Barski, PhD, associate professor and director of Epigenomics, Andrey Kartashov, MSc, senior software developer and Michael Kotliar, MS, bioinformatics senior analyst, Division of Allergy and Immunology.
  • Durgesh Tiwari, MPharm, PhD, assistant professor, Division of Neurology.
  • Abby Hess, APRN, DNP, nurse practitioner, Division of Anesthesiology.
  • Maryellen Daston, PhD, project manager, Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics; Tina Martin, MEd, SEARCH program coordinator; Erin Riehle, MSN, director, Disability Services; and Angie Jackson, RRT, retired simulation education specialist.
  • Paritha Arumugam, PhD, assistant professor, Bruce Trapnell, MS, MD, professor, and Brenna Carey, PhD, field service associate professor, Translational Pulmonary Center; and Takuji Suzuki MD, PhD, former research instructor, Perinatal Institute.

A Year of Innovation Excellence

  • 1,000+ Total active disclosures from over 415 lead inventors and 629 co-inventors, including 200 disclosures in the past year
  • 353 Active projects being advanced for commercial potential
  • 13 Total start-up companies featuring Cincinnati Children’s technology, including two new startups in FY23: Mogling Bio and LittleSeed Calming Technologies, LLC
  • $293.7M Exit value of startups based on Cincinnati Children’s technologies
  • 13 Active licenses and options executed in FY23
  • 26 Non-exclusive and non-financial agreements executed in FY23
  • $967,500 awarded to 10 projects through the Innovation Fund

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