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The science of pediatrics is the science of humanity. That science is not limited to the diseases and conditions that strike during childhood. Our mission also includes seeking to understand the driving factors of adult disease that so often trace their roots to childhood.

The following stories illustrate how the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation supports the work of dedicated faculty who work across the full spectrum of discovery: from basic to preclinical and clinical research to implementing best practices, driving public health improvements, and achieving health care equity and justice.

Message From Our Director

Tina Cheng, MD, MPH

Basic Science

Chasing the Undiscovered

Preclinical Science

Building the Platforms of Discovery

Clinical Science

Moving Discovery from Bench to Bedside

Implementation Science

Adopting, Accelerating Best Practices

Population Health and Equity Science

Improving Outcomes for ALL Children

Introducing the Fisher Center

50 Remarkable Discoveries and Accomplishments

Innovation Ventures

Moving Science to Market

By the Numbers

A Record-Setting Year