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COVID-19 Research News Update for April 7: American Heart Association Awards Project Funding

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From Cincinnati Children’s experts

View the first in a planned series of special Pediatric Grand Rounds presentations on COVID-19: The Basics

Presenters: Joshua Schaffzin, MD, and Felicia Scaggs Huang, MD

Cincinnati Children’s to join project funded by $14M grant from the American Heart Association

Cincinnati Children’s is one of four teams to form a “Strategically Focused Research Network” to respond to COVID-19, according to the AHA.

Among the details included in the funding announcement:

Active Detection and Decentralized Dynamic Registry to Improve Uptake of Rheumatic Heart Disease Secondary Prevention (ADD-RHD) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital – Led by Andrea Beaton, MD, a pediatric cardiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, this team will address the global health issue of rheumatic heart disease which affects more than 40 million people, most living in poor countries or poor areas in wealthier countries. The team will concentrate on getting more people living with rheumatic heart disease into guideline-based care — using technology to find more people with rheumatic heart disease, keep them in care and generate the investment case to scale up national rheumatic heart disease action plans in low-income countries. Additionally, they’ll be looking for early career doctors and scientists who want to help people get better care using technology and educate this next generation in solutions developed to improve global health in the future. The team consists of a collaborative with the Rheumatic Heart Disease Research Collaborative in Uganda (RRCU) including the Uganda Heart Institute, Children’s National Medical Center and the University of Washington in Seattle; the Cincinnati Children’s Digital Experience and Bioinformatics Centers; Northern Kentucky University’s Biostatistics Department, Health Innovation Center and Health Sciences Institute; REACH (a global technical organization in rheumatic heart disease) and an industry partnership with Caption Health. While the project and solutions will be made for people living in developing countries, the team hopes to learn a lot about how to help people have better health in the United States.

Read the full announcement

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