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Alenghat, Gardner to Deliver TEDx Talks Oct. 21

Headshot photos for Theresa Alenghat, VMD, PhD, and Aimee Gardner, BS CP

Theresa Alenghat, VMD, PhD, Division of Immunobiology, and Aimee Gardner, BS CP, senior director of Medical Operations and director of the Center for Simulation and Research, have been selected to present at this year’s TEDxCincinnatiWomen event on Oct. 21. They are two of just nine local women selected for the event, which begins at 7 pm at the Cincinnati Masonic Theatre, 317 East Fifth St.

TED Talks (the letters stand for technology, entertainment and design) began in 1984 and today cover almost every topic. Delivered without reading from teleprompters or written script, these short, highly polished presentations provide a platform for thinkers, visionaries, and teachers so that people can gain a better understanding of the biggest issues facing the world and feed a desire to help create a better future.

This confocal microscope image shows intestine tissue from a mouse that has been stained to visualize epithelial cells lining the intestinal lumen (EpCAM, green) and underlying immune cells (CD45, red). Nuclei are stained with DAPI (blue).

Alenghat will be talking about how the trillions of microbes that normally live in the intestine, called the microbiome, communicate with mammalian cells to impact health and how this relationship can be affected by diet.

“This type of research opens new doors to a wide range of potential ways to improve health or combat disease by harnessing the power of the microbiome,” she says.

Read more about Alenghat’s research findings on the microbiome, published in Nature.
Photo of a woman using virtual reality technology

Gardner’s TED Talk will describe how digital technology is changing pediatric medicine and highlight the work of members of the Cincinnati Children’s Media Lab and Digital Experience Technologies teams. She will share examples of medical animations and virtual reality experiences developed by both teams, such as surgical planning, team training, and orientation for colleagues transitioning to the new Critical Care Building.

“Our team of developers, artists, and clinical support teams have created first-class experiences, which we are currently leading amongst our peers,” she notes. “Digital Experience Technology is providing hope for kids we never dreamt was possible.”

Neither Alenghat or Gardner have ever done a TED presentation, but are excited for the opportunity to spread awareness for their work and the work of their collaborators at Cincinnati Children’s.

“I am honored to be selected, and it is a privilege to have this opportunity to share our lab’s discoveries and vision with the broader community,” Alenghat says.

Gardner has similar sentiments about being among the few selected for this event.

“I was very surprised and actually did not try out for the event!” she adds.

Tickets for the event are $75 and can be purchased online. Face masks will be required of everyone attending.