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A Tree for Dr. Helmrath

Interest and awareness of using human organoids as a tool for developing disease treatments is growing in more ways than one.

A recent study, published in the journal Development, provided important data validating that lab-grown organoids accurately mimic key development stages of the human intestine. The study, led by corresponding author Michael Helmrath, MD, will help accelerate the use of organoids in a wide range of research applications.

Helmrath is the director of surgical research at Cincinnati Children’s and co-director of the Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM). He has been working for more than a decade to study and improve intestine organoids for use in research and potentially for human transplantation.

Turns out, the validation study attracted so much reader interest that the journal editors sent a special letter.

“Dear Dr Helmrath,

We are just writing to let you know that your recent Development article, “Transplanted human intestinal organoids: a resource for modeling human intestinal development,” was one of our most-read articles published in May. We’re delighted to see that the paper has been well-received by our readers, and we also just wanted to remind you that your contribution resulted in a tree being planted in the Forest of Biologists.”

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