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LungMAP Adds More Single-Cell References

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s have added an important batch of advanced single-cell reference data to the growing, multicenter LungMAP project.

The LungMAP project, funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health, seeks to “better understand human lung development by building an open-access reference resource of a comprehensive, dynamic, 3-D molecular atlas of the late-stage developing human lung with data and reagents available to the research community,” according to its website.

Details about the new data were published online July 29, 2023, in Nature Communications.

Corresponding authors were Minzhe Guo, PhD, with the Perinatal Institute at Cincinnati Children’s, and Yan Xu, PhD, director of the Bioinformatics Core at the Perinatal Institute.

“Using independent datasets, we demonstrated the utility of CellRefs for automated cell type annotations of normal lung and for potential identification of disease-related cells based on their deviation from normal pulmonary cells,” the authors state. “Our CellRefs, along with the developed analytic and web-based tools, are freely available to the pulmonary research community to facilitate hypothesis generation, research discovery, and identification of cell type alterations in disease conditions.”


Publication Information
Original title: Guided construction of single cell reference for human and mouse lung
Published in: Nature Communications
Publish date: July 29, 2023
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Minzhe Gao, PhD
Minzhe Gao, PhD

My research interests include developing novel computational methods and software tools to support single cell multi-omics data analysis and integration for scientific discovery or to facilitate data management, access, and visualization.

Yan Xu, PhD
Yan Xu, PhD

My research focuses on the identification of gene signatures, regulatory networks, and biological pathways controlling lung maturation and diseases.