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The New Yorker Explores Mental Health Trajectories Project

The Mental Health Trajectories project at Cincinnati Children’s, led by John Pestian, PhD, MBA, and colleagues in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratories, was featured in an in-depth piece published online Feb. 27, 2023, in The New Yorker.

The story dives deeply into how experts here and across the mental health field are exploring whether and how chat bots based on artificial intelligence algorithms can help address America’s growing mental health crisis.

Very much worth a read.

Learn more about Cincinnati Children’s efforts in this space:


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John Pestian, PhD, MBA
John Pestian, PhD, MBA
Director, Computational Medicine Center

At the Decoding Mental Health Center, we use advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to help those who care for patients with mental health challenges. Our focus is the person, and then the machine. Our mission is to provide clinically useful precision information to families and caregivers.