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‘Physics World’ Cites FLASH Proton Therapy as a Top 10 Breakthrough of 2022

Talk about high praise for a scientific achievement! The editors of Physics World have ranked the encouraging outcomes of the world’s first clinical trial of FLASH proton therapy among the magazine’s “Top 10 Breakthroughs of the Year for 2022.”

That puts the advanced care available from the Cincinnati Children’s/UC Medical Center Proton Therapy Center on the same list as the awe-inspiring “deep field” images generated by the James Webb Space Telescope and the potentially planet-protecting success of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission to alter the orbit of an asteroid called Dimorphos.

Proton therapy delivers radioactive particles to treat tumors, which is fundamentally different and considered safer than external-beam radiation approaches that use X-rays and gamma rays.  

This year, our Proton Therapy Center led the world’s first clinical trial of a new method of delivering proton therapy called FLASH, which delivers high radiation doses in under 1 second. The clinical trial findings were published Oct. 24, 2022, in JAMA Oncology.

“FLASH holds promise to become a paradigm-shifting technology by potentially providing more effective cancer treatment with fewer side effects,” says John Perentesis, MD, research director for the Proton Therapy Center, director of the Division of Oncology, and co-director of the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute at Cincinnati Children’s.

Read more about the study outcomes at our Research Horizons blog.

Congratulations to Varian, Cincinnati Children’s and the UC College of Medicine, which teamed up in 2016 build the Proton Therapy Center at our Liberty Campus so that it could be used to conduct research–and to the expert team that carried out the groundbreaking FAST-01 trial.

Check out the Physics World article: “First trial in humans reveals promise of FLASH proton therapy