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Organoid Expert James Wells, PhD, Joins Journal as Academic Editor

James Wells, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer for the Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM) at Cincinnati Children’s has been named an Academic Editor for the journal Development.

Among several topics, Wells discusses the goals behind forming CuSTOM:

“The main objective was to build on the strength that we had developed over the past 10 years of using human pluripotent stem cells and organoids to study development and disease. We really wanted to facilitate the use and development of these systems by establishing a core facility and by bringing in new investigators who work on a broad spectrum of organ systems.

We’ve hired four new investigators and are hoping to hire two more this year to branch out to cover more diseases and more organ systems, and to really build a centre of excellence. We’ve got about 31 investigators in total now, covering lots of different systems.”

Wells also says he was honored to be selected as an editor.

“As a grad student, I really used to worship the journal, so it was a huge honour for me to be able to get involved. I also felt it was really important to bring the new model systems that we’ve been developing to other developmental biologists.”

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