Most Shared Science of February 2022

Post Date: March 20, 2022


These publications were ranked among the most-shared research articles published in February 2022 authored or co-authored by experts at Cincinnati Children’s.

Cincinnati Children’s co-author:
Mary Allen Staat, MD, MPH
Article in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health

Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Mary Allen Staat, MD. MPH, Elizabeth Schlaudecker, MD, MPH, Sean Lang, MD

Article in JAMA Network Open

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, MD, MS

Article in Nature

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Aaron Mochizuki, DO

Article in Cell Stem Cell
Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Kwangmin Choi, PhD, Lynn Lee, MD, Daniel  Starczynowski, PhD
Article in BMC Nephrology
Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Katja Gist, DO, MSc
Article in Science Advances
Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Mattia Quattrocelli, PhD

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