COVID-19, Influenza Vaccine Updates Top List of Most-Shared Publications of October

Post Date: November 4, 2020


Experts at Cincinnati Children’s have played key roles in the quest for a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. Now they are joining colleagues worldwide in reporting early results from vital clinical trials.

Meanwhile, interest has been high for new information published on influenza vaccine effectiveness, a new treatment for autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, plus new findings about eosinophilic gastritis, acute kidney injury and more.

Here are the most-shared publications authored or co-authored by researchers at Cincinnati Children’s published during October 2020:

Safety and Immunogenicity of Two RNA-Based Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates

Article in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Robert Frenck, MD

Vaccine Effectiveness Against Pediatric Influenza Hospitalizations and Emergency Visits

Article in Pediatrics

Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Mary Staat, MD, MPH, and Monica McNeal, MS

Anti–Siglec-8 Antibody for Eosinophilic Gastritis and Duodenitis

Article in The New England Journal of Medicine

Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Sandy Durrani, MD, and Marc Rothenberg, MD, PhD.


Imaging of Neurologic Disease in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19: An Italian Multicenter Retrospective Observational Study

Article in Radiology

University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Abdelkader Mahammedi, Achala Vagal, Mary Gaskill, Soma Sengupta, Bin Zhang, PhD, and Suha Bachir, MD, MS.

Inhaled Molgramostim Therapy in Autoimmune Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

Article in The New England Journal of Medicine

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Bruce Trapnell, MD

COVID-19-associated acute kidney injury: consensus report of the 25th Acute Disease Quality Initiative (ADQI) Workgroup

Article in Nature Reviews Nephrology

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Stuart Goldstein, MD

Recommendations on Acute Kidney Injury Biomarkers From the Acute Disease Quality Initiative Consensus Conference

Article in JAMA Network Open

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Stuart Goldstein, MD

Genome-enabled insights into the biology of thrips as crop pests

Article in BMC Biology

University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Samuel Bailey, Christopher Holmes, Emily Jennings, Andrew Rosendale, Andrew Rosselot, Joshua Benoit, and Matthew Weirauch, PhD.

Capillary cell-type specialization in the alveolus

Article in Nature

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Mingxia Gu, MD, PhD

Type 2 diabetes risk gene Dusp8 regulates hypothalamic Jnk signaling and insulin sensitivity

Article in the Journal of Clinical Investigation

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Jeffery Molkentin, PhD

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