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Becker Named ‘Rising Star’ by Association for Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Stephen Becker, PhD, Division of Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology, was named the 2020 Kathy Sylva Rising Star by the Association for Child & Adolescent Mental Health.

The award honors scientists studying pediatric mental health disorders who are in their first decade since their first peer-reviewed publication. Becker was recognized for a body of work, including leadership in shedding light on sluggish cognitive tempo (SCT).

Symptoms of SCT include dreaminess, mental fogginess, hypoactivity, frequent staring, and a slow working speed. The condition emerged as an under-diagnosed aspect of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but may comprise a novel and distinct attention disorder.

“As one of the leading researchers in the world on the nature of SCT, his work is frequently cited. On Google Scholar, he has over 4,700 citations with an H-index over 40,” states the association’s award announcement. “Even more importantly, his research advances a significant and novel area that has the potential to shape what we currently know about child and adolescent mental health, with clear implications for intervention.”

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