Gilbert Leads Clinical Trial Showing Benefits From New Drug for Tourette Syndrome

Post Date: November 11, 2021


Donald Gilbert, MD, MS

“After decades of research in pediatric neurology and psychiatry, it is extremely gratifying to achieve positive and meaningful study results for a patient group that has such a high unmet medical need,” said Lead Investigator Donald Gilbert, MD, MS, Pediatric Movement Disorders and Tourette Syndrome Specialist, Division of Neurology at Cincinnati Children’s. “We are one step closer to a potentially life-changing therapy for a patient group who inspires and fuels our efforts.”

Emalex Biosciences, Inc., announced on Nov. 10, 2021, results from its Phase 2b clinical study (D1AMOND Study) of its drug ecopipam (EBS-101), a dopamine-1 (D1) receptor antagonist, for the treatment of pediatric patients with Tourette syndrome.

The trial included 153 children ages 6 to 18 who participated in a 12-week treatment course at 63 sites across the U.S., Canada and Europe. 

“Statistically significant and clinically meaningful results were obtained on this primary endpoint at all timepoints, from Week 4 to Week 12,” the company states.

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