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Experienced Drug Developers from BridgeBio to Visit Cincinnati Children’s

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BridgeBio’s Kahlil D’Souza, PhD, head, Academic Partnerships, and Sherry Lin, PhD, associate, Academic Partnerships, will visit Cincinnati Children’s on Dec. 5 to discuss co-creative partnerships for developing therapeutics targeting genetic diseases.

BridgeBio is a team of experienced drug developers and innovators working to create meaningful medicines that target well-characterized genetic diseases at their source. In 2018, BridgeBio and Cincinnati Children’s formed an alliance with the goal of advancing novel therapeutics from bench to bedside.

BridgeBio is looking to partner with researchers in academia to translate insights in genetic diseases into drug development programs. This can be as early as novel target/mechanism identification. If there is a mutual fit, BridgeBio launches a program to translate these insights by providing funding, building a team, and operating a focused drug development effort.

The BridgeBio pipeline is modality agnostic and covers several therapeutic areas. They focus on treating monogenic diseases and have recently expanded efforts to treating genetic subsets of polygenic diseases (i.e., kidney disease).

Sponsored by Cincinnati Children’s Innovation Ventures, this presentation will be held both in-person (Burnet Campus, Location S, Room 103) and virtually on Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 2 pm. RSVP to Denise Clift at