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Digital Therapeutics in Pediatrics:  A Conversation About Innovation and Digital Health

This screenshot depicts the Migraine Manager user interface.

You are invited to join us at noon, Feb. 3, 2022, for a virtual conversation about digital health innovation hosted by the Mind Brain Behavior Collaborative and Center for Pediatric Neuroscience at Cincinnati Children’s.

Matt Wortman, PhD, representing Cincinnati Children’s Innovation Ventures, and Kevin Hommel, PhD, Director, Center for Health Technology Research, will discuss the development and use of digital health solutions and the process of licensing technologies to a commercial partner. 

Hommel is a pediatric psychologist and researcher with a special interest in the use of health technology to improve self-management of pediatric chronic conditions. Wortman is the founder of a drug discovery lab at the University of Cincinnati Genome Research Institute and Acceleration Manager for Digital Health and Care Delivery at Cincinnati Children’s Innovation Ventures. 

portrait of Kevin Hommel, PhD Portrait of Matt Wortman PhD

Digital health technologies have aided the healthcare movement for continuous improvement and have been embraced by Cincinnati Children’s. 

In late 2019, Migraine Manager was licensed to Pear Therapeutics, an industry pioneer that developed the first FDA-authorized prescription digital therapeutic (PDT) on the market.

Hommel developed and validated the clinical benefits of the digital health tool as a treatment for migraine headaches, employing cognitive behavior therapy along with patient education. Pear is planning to seek FDA authorization for this new PDT.  

Hommel was recently awarded the Cincinnati Children’s Innovation Excellence Award in recognition of his inventorship and license of Migraine Manager.

Wortman and Hommel both continue to work together on new digital health innovations that simultaneously optimize for outcomes and quality of life, and use fundamental behavior change concepts like reinforcement to drive patient engagement.

Wortman and Hommel were recently awarded funding to develop a system called SMART at Home Care for the Complex Patient. Funders include Cincinnati Children’s Innovation Ventures and the State of Ohio, Ohio Development Services Agency, Ohio Third Frontier, Grant Control No. TECG2020-0252.

Members of the public interested in attending should send an email to  cciv@cchmc.orgby Feb. 2, 2022, to receive an access link.