COVID-19 Research News Update for May 1

Post Date: May 1, 2020


The Research Horizons science blog is sharing links to research-oriented news about the COVID-19 pandemic, especially information about how children are affected.

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From Experts at Cincinnati Children’s

Immunity: The promise and peril of natural killer cell therapies in pulmonary infection

Co-authors from Cincinnati Children’s and the University of Cincinnati: Sanjeeth Rajaram, Laura Canaday, ScM, David Ochayon, PhD, Kelly Rangel, MS, Ayad Ali, BS, Ivayla Gyurova, MS, Durga Krishnamurthy, PhD, Jonathan Fletcher, MD, Seth Reighard, PhD, Andrew Cox, MD, PhD, Matthew Weirauch, PhD, Leah Kottyan, PhD, Hitesh Deshmukh, MD, PhD, William Zacharias, MD, PhD, Michael Borchers, PhD, and Stephen Waggoner, PhD

Pediatric Grand Rounds COVID-19 Series: Testing and Pediatric Disease


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