COVID-19 News: Cincinnati Children’s Develops Mail-in Blood Test for Transplant Patients

Research By Kenneth Setchell, PhD

Post Date: May 14, 2020

Helping Transplant Patients Stay Home

Helping Transplant Patients Stay Home

Wearing masks as part of COVID-19 safety protocols, Dr. Junfang Zhao and Dr. Kenneth Setchell at Cincinnati Children’s are shown with a high-resolution mass spectrometer. It can help identify the presence and levels of immunosuppressant drugs in data from blood spots mailed in by the families of kids with transplanted organs. Prompted by COVID-19 clinic closures, scientists in the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory quickly developed the innovative mail-in test so medically vulnerable patients can continue to receive regular testing without the need for clinical visits.

“Given the current pandemic, this is game-changing for these transplant patients and it helps reduce their risk of possible COVID-19 infection. At the same time, it allows patients to maintain their post-transplant follow-up.”

—Kenneth Setchell, PhD

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