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A Peek at the Future of Medicine: #DigitalPeds19

This 2 hour, 38 minute recording features presentations from 10 experts at Cincinnati Children’s who are exploring and developing digital technologies that could transform pediatric medicine in the years to come.

Intro: Todd Ponsky, MD, Director of Clinical Growth and Transformation

Social Media in Medicine: Begins at 5 mins, 40 secs. Brad Sobolewski, MD, Emergency Medicine; and Alex Towbin, MD, Radiology

Digital Disruption of Medical Knowledge: Begins at 28 mins, 30 secs. Todd Ponsky, MD

The Digital Experience: Begins at 46 mins, 30 secs. Ryan Moore, MD, Cardiology

Artificial Intelligence: Begins at 1 hour, 7 mins. Pete White, PhD, and Yizhao Ni, PhD, Biomedical Informatics

Telehealth: Begins at 1 hour, 28 mins. Tori Ames

Virtual Reality Training: Begins at 1 hour, 46 mins. Joe Real, MD, General and Community Pediatrics, and Matt Zackoff, MD, Critical Care Medicine

Virtual Reality for Pain Control: Begins at 2 hours, 11 mins. Vanessa Olbrecht, MD, Anesthesia

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