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5 Most Shared New Findings of September 2019

These papers authored and co-authored by scientists at Cincinnati Children’s were shared widely within the scientific community and noticed by various news organizations. Click the badges to see more details.

Modelling human hepato-biliary-pancreatic organogenesis from the foregut–midgut boundary   Takanori Takebe, MD, et. al. Sept. 25, 2019, Nature.

Pediatric Psychiatric Emergency Department Utilization and Fine Particulate Matter: A Case-Crossover Study Cole Brokamp, PhD, Patrick Ryan, PhD, et al., Sept. 25, 2019, Environmental Health Perspectives.

Brain mechanisms of social touch-induced analgesia in females, Marina López-Solà, PhD, et. al, September 2019, Pain.

Single-Cell Analysis of Crohn’s Disease Lesions Identifies a Pathogenic Cellular Module Associated with Resistance to Anti-TNF Therapy, Lee Denson, MD, et. al., Sept. 5, 2019, Cell.

Single-Cell Transcriptomics in Medulloblastoma Reveals Tumor-Initiating Progenitors and Oncogenic Cascades during Tumorigenesis and Relapse, Qing Richard Lu, PhD, et. al., September 16, 2019, Cancer Cell.