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Time Capsule Burial Marks Century of Innovation at Cincinnati Children’s

When the scientists of a century from now open these time capsules, will they remember the role Cincinnati Children’s played in battling the COVID-19 pandemic?

Will they think of genotyping chips as children’s toys? Will they turn the 3D-printed model of a human heart in their hands and say, “Remember when this was an advanced tool for surgical planning?”

High hopes for future innovations reaching far beyond today’s imaginings flowed May 5, 2023, when leaders at Cincinnati Children’s buried a pair of time capsules in celebration of a century of progress and innovation at one of the nation’s top pediatric medical, research and education centers.

The capsules were buried to wrap up the inaugural Cincinnati Children’s Research Symposium. The event featured a keynote presentation from organoid development leader Michael Helmrath, MD, several updates on other outstanding research projects, and more than 160 poster presentations.

Mark your calendars: the time capsules are set to be unearthed in 2121.

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