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Shared Facilities Day Brings Research Community Together on Sept. 29

Cincinnati Children's Research Shared Facilities Day

Cincinnati Children’s will host eighth annual Research Shared Facilities Day on Sept. 29, 2023

Moved by science and inspired by collaboration, resources and support provided by our Shared Facilities help put groundbreaking research to work every day.

One of the most significant strengths at Cincinnati Children’s is its 30 state-of-the-art Shared Facilities that offer specialized technologies, tools and services to researchers within our own health system and beyond.

“In comparison to other pediatric organizations across the nation, our Shared Facilities are unmatched and support the entire spectrum of basic, clinical and translational research,” says Nicole White, PhD, director of Operations for Cincinnati Children’s Research Shared Facilities. “By providing access to cutting-edge techniques, instruments, and infrastructure, these core capabilities enable us to stay innovative and allow researchers to adapt nimbly to new discoveries and scientific advances.”

These teams are comprised of more than 300 dedicated faculty and staff, who help to facilitate interactions between researchers and ultimately enhance scientific productivity. Expertise spans from cellular and molecular technologies to imaging, media animation, quantitative and qualitative statistics, clinical research support and much more (view the complete list of Shared Facilities below). 

The multidisciplinary, centralized nature of these facilities has many benefits.

“Shared Facilities not only allow us to increase collaborations and innovate with the resources and expertise we have, but they also allow us to be at the forefront of demonstrating the significant amount of support and partnership we have across our health system – ultimately, helping researchers get more grant funding,” notes White.

To celebrate and promote these multidisciplinary teams and their contributions to research across the health system, Cincinnati Children’s is hosting its eighth annual Research Shared Facilities Day on Sept. 29 from 9 am to 1 pm in Location S of Burnet Campus. The event is open to anyone interested in learning more about how to take advantage of these offerings, share ideas and collaborate. Door prizes and refreshments will be provided. 

Research Shared Facilities Day
Friday, Sept. 29, 2023
9 am – 1 pm
Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus
Location S, Level 1, Rooms 203-204


Research Shared Facilities at Cincinnati Children’s

Animal Behavior Facility
Bio-Imaging and Analysis Facility
Bionutrition Research Facility
Cardiovascular Imaging Research Laboratory
Cell Manipulation Lab
Cell Processing Core
Comprehensive Rodent and Radiation Shared Facility
Data Management and Analysis Collaborative
Discover Together Biobank
Genomics Sequencing Facility
Information Services for Research (IS4R)
Imaging Research Center
Integrated Pathology Research Facility
Investigational Pharmacy
Mass Spectrometry Facility (Clinical and Biomedical)
Media Lab Facility
MEG Research Facility
Metagenomic and Microbiome Facility
NMR-based Metabolomics Facility
Office for Clinical & Translational ResearchPluripotent Stem Cell Facility
Proton Therapy Research Facility
Qualitative Methods and Analysis Collaborative
Research Flow Cytometry Shared Facility
Single Cell Genomics Facility
Transgenic Animal and Genome Editing Facility
Translational Trials Development and Support Laboratory
Vector Production Facility
Veterinary Services
Viral Vector Core