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Powerful MRI for Neonatal Intensive Care Developed by Cincinnati Children’s Scientist  

System made by local startup company 

Cincinnati Children’s is the first pediatric hospital to install the Ascent 3T neonatal magnetic resonance imaging system, a groundbreaking type of MRI developed by physicist Charles Dumoulin, PhD, a professor of pediatrics and radiology with the health system. His work has resulted in the startup company Eyas Medical Imaging. 

“The Ascent3T brings an unprecedented level of MR imaging and access to our smallest patients,” Dumoulin says. “By reinventing MRI technology, doctors can now visualize and understand neonatal health conditions using state-of-the-art MR imaging tailored to infants. It is a tremendous opportunity for better-informed medical decisions and improved neonatal care.” 


The compact design of the Ascent3T also allows for direct installation within neonatal intensive care units, eliminating the risk of transporting premature or sick newborns to alternate MRI locations within the hospital. 

The MRI uses a 3 Tesla magnet that provides a magnetic field strength previously unavailable in pediatric intensive care settings. 

“A 3 Tesla magnet enables a more comprehensive and precise diagnostic tool, providing healthcare professionals with detailed imaging of vital organs – including the brain, lungs, heart, and abdomen,” Dumoulin says. “A 3T MRI system offers unmatched accuracy in neonatal diagnostics, paving the way for enhanced treatment plans and improved patient outcomes for infants.” 

While the Ascent 3T is not yet cleared by the federal Food and Drug Administration for commercial use in the United States, Eyas selected Cincinnati Children’s to conduct research studies involving the neonatal MRI system. Eyas hopes to apply to the FDA for 510(k) clearance in the near future, and the company is working on necessary steps to obtain regulatory approval. 

Abram Gordon, vice president of the Cincinnati Children’s Innovation Ventures team that focuses on technology transfer and commercialization, adds: “This is a significant technological advancement for our patients who need intensive care, and it validates the high level of innovation and problem-solving here in Cincinnati. This new MRI solution is a direct output from Cincinnati Children’s and further evidence of the incredible people and ideas generated in our region.” 

Dumoulin has a financial interest in Eyas, whose investors include Cincinnati Children’s and CincyTech. 

For more information, see the Eyas news release. 

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