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Gastrointestinal Organoid Medicine Featured in Science Podcast

Jim Wells, PhD, and Erika Berg, director and senior editor for custom publishing at Science

Jim Wells, PhD, chief scientific officer of the Center for the Center for Stem Cell & Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM) and director of Research for the Division of Endocrinology, is featured on this week’s Science podcast.

In the episode, Wells discusses how metabolic and gastrointestinal organs develop, what this might mean for the treatment of diabetes and digestive diseases, and the role collaboration plays in organoid diagnostics. He cites the major milestone study published last year in Nature Biotechnology, where a team of more than 20 scientists from five Cincinnati Children’s research centers gave organoids an immune system, and shares insight on the CuSTOM Acclerator program.

Listen to the Science podcast featuring Wells.

Research By

James Wells, PhD
James Wells, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM)

Research in the Wells lab aims to uncover the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which gastrointestinal and endocrine organs form in the developing embryo.