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Organoid Breakthroughs Open New Horizons in Medicine

Big breakthroughs take time. Long before any cures are found, decades of research are often needed to simply understand a disease. Now, more than any other point in history, researchers are poised to make major breakthroughs in genomic medicine.

The more we learn, the less we know. The horizon is forever receding, but nevertheless the information that we do gather can be very helpful and while I see many tragedies I also see amazing success stories.

Genomics is a single word but it encompasses so many aspects of what medicine is trying to do to help people. That genome, which is one genome, is hardwired, is being used countless different ways all through development, all through life, and every moment that we’re exposed to our environment. But when you think about medicine generally, like conquering diabetes, the development of early vaccines for polio, you never go from your first swing at the bat to a home run. You hit a lot of singles and doubles, and for a lot of genetic diseases right now I think we’re getting a pretty good batting average, but we’re not power hitters yet.

Today, gene editing technology is helping advance discoveries in medicine — discoveries out of reach just five years ago. These tools are helping unlock new paths for research and, ultimately, cures for disease.

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