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Most Shared Science of April 2022

These publications were ranked among the most-shared research articles published in March 2022 authored or co-authored by experts at Cincinnati Children’s.

Cincinnati Children’s co-authors:
 Elizabeth Schlaudecker, MD, MPH, Mary Allen Staat, MD, MPH, Sean Lang, MD
Article in JAMA Pediatrics
Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Sue Poynter, MD, MEd
Article in The New England Journal of Medicine
Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Nanhua Zhang, PhD, Jessica Woo, MHSA, PhD, and Elaine Urbina, MD, MS
Article in PLOS ONE
Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Kelly Bonarrigo, DPT
Article in Europace
Cincinnati Children’s co-author: David Winlaw, MBBS, MD, FRACS
Article in Nature Neuroscience
Cincinnati Children’s co-author:  June Goto, PhD
Article in Psycho-Oncology
Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Nadine Kasparian, PhD
Article in The Journal of Experimental Medicine
Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Mattia Quattrocelli, PhD

Evaluation of Temporal Trends in Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Sleep Duration Among US Adults, 2004-2018

Article in JAMA Network Open
Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Carley Riley, PhD

Treatment of a genetic brain disease by CNS-wide microglia replacement

Article in Science Translational Medicine
Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Ying Sun, PhD, and Benjamin Liou

Intermittent glucocorticoid treatment enhances skeletal muscle performance through sexually dimorphic mechanisms

Article in Journal of Clinical Investigation
Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Mattia Quattrocelli, PhD

Comparison of the Respiratory Resistomes and Microbiota in Children Receiving Short versus Standard Course Treatment for Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Article in mBio
Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Mary Allen Staat, MD, MPH