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Learn More About Jeffrey Whitsett MD: A ‘Giant in Medicine’

Jeffrey Whitsett, MD, pioneering surfactant researcher and long-time leader of neonatology and pulmonary biology care at Cincinnati Children’s was honored Feb. 15, 2023, as a “Giant in Medicine” by The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

A detailed interview explores how Whitsett rose from rural childhood roots to become an outstanding science student, a dedicated physician and a passionate researcher.

Read more about the early years of neonatal intensive care and how discoveries about the value of artificial surfactant as a life-saving treatment for a generation of preterm infants came about.

Also on YouTube: A 30-minute video version of the interview 

Research By

Jeffrey Whitsett, MD
Jeffrey Whitsett, MD
Co-Director, Perinatal Institute

Jeffrey Whitsett’s laboratory makes extensive use of conditional gene targeting in transgenic mice, bioinformatics, physiology and biochemistry in the study of lung formation and function.