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JAMA Article on COVID-19 and School Closings Sets Record for Most-Shared Publication from Cincinnati Children’s

A study finding that closing schools early in the COVID-19 pandemic likely saved many lives has become the most widely shared research study published in years by researchers at Cincinnati Children’s.

The JAMA article, co-authored by Katherine Auger, MD, Samir Shah, MD, and colleagues, generated 75 news articles, more than 7,800 tweets, and numerous other online mentions, according to the research tracking service Altmetric.

As of Oct. 1, 2020, the study had an Altmetric score of 4371–the highest score among more than 56,000 articles from Cincinnati Children’s tracked by the company.

See below for other widely shared research findings published in September by experts at Cincinnati Children’s. Click the “badges” to see more details about the mentions.

Warp Speed for COVID-19 Vaccines: Why are Children Stuck in Neutral?

Clinical Infectious Diseases, September 2020

Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Robert Frenck, MD, and Paul Spearman, MD

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words — Racism and Sickle Cell Disease

New England Journal of Medicine, September 2020

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Patrick McGann, MD, MS

Violet-light suppression of thermogenesis by opsin 5 hypothalamic neurons

Nature, September 2020

Cincinnati Children’s co-authors: Christina Gross, PhD, Durgesh Tiwari, PhD, Juan Sanchez Gurmaches, PhD, and (senior author) Richard Lang, PhD.

Polygenic architecture informs potential vulnerability to drug-induced liver injury

Nature Medicine, September 2020

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Takanori Takebe, MD

Pubertal Growth, IGF-1, and Windows of Susceptibility: Puberty and Future Breast Cancer Risk

Journal of Adolescent Health, September 2020

Cincinnati Children’s and University of Cincinnati co-authors: (senior author) Frank Biro, MD, Bin Huang, PhD, Halley Wasserman, MD, MS, Catherine Gordon, MD, MSc, and Susan Pinney, PhD

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Tamara Tilburgs, PhD

Second International Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

Annals of Internal Medicine, September 2020

Cincinnati Children’s co-author: Adrienne Hammill, MD, PhD