Research Horizons


Innovation at Cincinnati Children’s

Cincinnati Children’s has been a leader in medical innovation for more than 80 years. Our researchers developed the Sabin oral polio vaccine and the first heart-lung machine. And we’re always looking ahead to new discoveries.

We are the third-largest children’s hospital in the country. A third of our 15,000 employees are dedicated to research. Our ambitious innovation pipeline supports doctors, researchers and technology experts.

We’re working together to harness millions of health records in groundbreaking ways. We’re developing of life-saving medical devices and therapies. And we’re using technology to improve the health of kids here and around the world.

Our scientists are working on projects that could completely change organ transplantation. And we’re combating challenging forms of cancer with more targeted proton therapy.

New technology is allowing us to study ways to prevent teen suicide. We now have tools to help us better track what happens when kids have seizures. We’re working to combat preterm births, and we’re safeguarding against medication that can damage children’s kidneys.

We are committed to innovation in all forms. Because all it takes is one brilliant idea to change the outcome for kids. And that’s part of our work every day at Cincinnati Children’s.

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